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Ella Henderson - Ghost

Dodano: 2014-04-22

Wyświetleń: 88289111

Czas trwania: 03:58

Opis materiału Ella Henderson - Ghost

                  'Ghost' is out now. Download it here: http://smarturl.it/EllaGhostiTunes


Music video by Ella Henderson performing Ghost. (C) 2014 Simco Limited                


Macsuga Dalma
Pig Latin
Jennifer Seaman
Who else watching in 2018?
Annabel Knight
I heard this song like 2 years ago and i have been trying to find it ever since! And i found it 💯🔥💔
thriwback, ugh, really should come back
Stephanie Warkentin
the guy at the beginning of the video looks like Peta from the hunger games lol.
The Historic
woah this is good 👌
Benji Stringer
Love it
Tina Jane Oxnam.
I know this sounds abit daft but when I hear this song I think of the late rik mayall as he died around the time this song was in the chart. 2014. And I'd rather listen to this singer than Lorde. I'm sorry but I think she's rubbish.
Charlesjoe Karanja
2018 and still loving this jam