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Jamie T - Zombie

Dodano: 2014-08-11

Wyświetleń: 8484674

Czas trwania: 04:07

Opis materiału Jamie T - Zombie

                  Jamie T’s fourth studio album ‘Trick’ is out now. https://lnk.to/JamieTTrick
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Medieval 3D
Best music video I have ever seen from long time!!, thanks, love it!!
Salamie mit K
wtf hab ich voll lange nach gesucht <3 war mein Lieblingslied auf ner Oi!LP keine ahnung wie die hieß....glaub irgendwas mit Compilation:) xD xD oder ich verwechsel das mit nem Porno xD Oi! Oi! Oi! <3 <3 <3
Eliza Lopez
I feel like they should of used this song for the end credits of Warm Bodies it would of been perfect
Seán Lysaght
i love you
Delphina Perry
Just me or does it sound a bit like Bless This Acid House by Kasabian?
Charlie Daye
That's like most musicians on stage anyway.
Woranon Nonthakhamjan
like .
Lewis Fuller
2:55😂😂. Does anybody else see that?
adam morris
Love, she sees apart from mePossessed behind the eyesApart from the frightening,The moaning, the bitingHe seemed to be a nice guyAnd I know what she thinks when she looks at me,When she looks with such despairYou're not the only one around here who needs a bit of fresh air[Chorus:]Cause I'm a sad sad post teenCould have been a love machineNo dream, come cleanWalking like a zombie, like a zombieAnd I'm a coal train, fast laneCaught up in the dirty rainNo pain, no gainWalking like a zombie, like a zombieWell, this old place here, man it's falling apartShe's on the road as she goes, but she won't get farI'm on a show to parole to the toad in the holeI gotta grow some roots, I gotta prop up the barI got bloodshot eyes, and there's blood in my teethI got a ripped up jacket and a friend who's a thiefWell I'm a frothin' at the mouth, tryna pull it outBut the fire inside keeps burning, burning out[Chorus]Hold your own in the situation, don't be afraid to be a friend.Cause I won't hurt you, girl or leave you a loose endYou make me alive enough to love again[Chorus x2]
Mr Lloyd
I didn't know hila was a drummer