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Dusty Kid - Argia (Original Mix)

Dodano: 2012-12-11

Wyświetleń: 235931

Czas trwania: 16:07

Opis materiału Dusty Kid - Argia (Original Mix)

                  A track that is over 16 minutes! Holy crap, isn't that a bit too much of a good thing? I mean, we're all for artists taking their time and such, but this is getting out of hand. This was pretty much our state of mind when we started listening to Dusty Kids 'Argia'. The funny thing is, the next thing we remember is that the song was over! 16 minutes had passed in the blink of an eye, really strange. Somehow it just manages to keep us entertained for the whole ride, something we think is pretty special for a track this long. So go ahead and give this one a try. It might sound a tad simple the first few minutes, but once it reaches the 4 minute mark it's just constant-smile-on-your-face good.

DJ's: this is the track you drop if you need to take a piss, and need to get a new drink, and need to discuss the weather with some random dude 'cause otherwise you'll just have to amuse yourself for 15 minutes once playing. Make sure to take peek into the booth around 12:30 min trough though, 'cause that's when things get truely heavenly. 

Artist: Dusty Kid
Title: Argia (Original Mix)
Label: Boxer Recordings
Catalog#: BOXER083
Releasdate: 2011-06-27

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King ugly
İt is the like gasino müsic
Aziz Benyahi
Tom's up
cteve Kapws
just wow
Do u know some musics like this one ?
Bigger Kid. Let it Grow
Do u know some musics like this one ?
Adrian Murray
I know what im playing when they tell me, one more track.
Andrew West
dusty kid is a fucking genius
Martin Romero
i miss this channel :'(
Joel McGuckin
beautiful tho sinister love it