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Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

Dodano: 2009-06-17

Wyświetleń: 84541521

Czas trwania: 04:15

Opis materiału Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

                  Music video by Eve performing Let Me Blow Ya Mind. (C) 2001 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records                


Odair Jose
So nois
Alguien se dio cuenta que en el minuto 1:24 esta avanzando la moto pero tiene el freno apretado.
This was one of the best videos I have ever seen. Eve murdered this song. Gwen murdered the hook. Just flawless all around
The Change
I 1st heard this in friends. I loved it...
Travis Allen
I ain't knew David Cassidy was in this video..... huh
rofl god
Gwen Stefani is Babin' right here
Damn Gwne is fine as fuck! I would give Gwen the most disappointing 2 minutes of her life
Alpine399 Street
Real talent from eve and Gwen eye candy video straight party music fun times long gone nowadays 🎉
Taulimy Guillen
We name my dougther cuz her besides that my baby luck just like her
Jook BarberHyper
Classic !