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Nightcore - IGNITE

Dodano: 2014-10-29

Wyświetleń: 1546276

Czas trwania: 03:38

Opis materiału Nightcore - IGNITE

                  This is my new channel from StepzLoli Nightcore



Artist : Aoi Eir
Anime : Sword Art Online 2 / Sword Art Online II


Download This Song : https://mega.nz/#!DZcQSLxT!NUpNuLiyDk...


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Otaku Dream
One of my absolute FAVOURITE openings, and one of my absolute FAVOURITE ANIMES!!!! I've been told to shut up, because I can't stop singing this
Stef GReece
I don't think that this song had to be a nightcore version but that's my opinion
This music is really fast and you up this with some Nightcore --'
Clau Sun
With what application do you do it?
Pieces of pure chocolate pleasure
this have copyright? :u
Daniel Herrera
picture link????
GodePlaysGt 25
This is the best song to inspire and gives strength to my demonic soul :)
i love it and anime❤❤❤
Minh Hưng
Shion ( Sword Art Online ss2) niak mina