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Adele - Hello (Andie Case Cover)

Dodano: 2015-11-12

Wyświetleń: 3175822

Czas trwania: 04:51

Opis materiału Adele - Hello (Andie Case Cover)

                  Download this song: http://hyperurl.co/gab644

Andie Case cover of "Hello" by Adele

Audio produced by Naphtali Smith
Arrangement by Andie Case, Ajay Marshall & Naphtali Smith
Recorded & Engineered by Naphtali Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Naphtali Smith
Video production by J.T Ibanez 
Video Edited by J.T Ibanez & Ajay Marshall
Video production assistant: Erik Johnson & Ajay Marshall
Shoot location: Erik's living room



Andie Case - https://www.twitter.com/andiecase
Ajay Marshall - https://twitter.com/ajaymarshall
Naphtali Smith - https://twitter.com/naph70

Andie Case - https://www.Instagram.com/andiecase
Ajay Marshall - http://instagram.com/ajaymarshall
Naphtali Smith - http://instagram.com/naph_benjamin                


Christian Glorioso
I'm a new musician can you guys check out my new music?
Thomas Brose
Mach weiter so Du singst mega geil !
xoxoxox xoxoxox
God i love this song you sing it better 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rob Silson
so good tyvm. you should be a top 10 artist.
dragon bape
wow beautiful voice
Christian Diaz Sanchez
wauu la chica mas linda del mundo q e visto y con pelo negro con puntas verdes q hermosa.
Mohammad Bilal
Damn that guitar at the end was awesome!
Brody Taylor
Dude homie's not even playing the piano! WTF?!!! 😳😂
peter van der pijl
Marly vem the most painters are getting famous after there dead