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Ledisi - Full Concert - 08/09/08 - Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

Dodano: 2014-10-31

Wyświetleń: 111155

Czas trwania: 57:54

Opis materiału Ledisi - Full Concert - 08/09/08 - Newport Jazz Festival (OFFICIAL)

                  Ledisi - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 8/9/2008 - Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

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0:00:00 - So Right
0:09:15 - Think of You
0:16:33 - Today
0:25:32 - Get to Know You
0:29:19 - Unknown
0:31:43 - Yesterday
0:36:25 - Feeling Orange but Blue Sometimes
0:45:11 - Joy
0:50:23 - Alright                


Stephon Jackson
Raw talent.
Tee Po
Amazing! I would love to see her live!
Al Capone
I think of you.....ledisi love you.
Heard her sing at Kirk Franklin & Ledisi: The Rebel, The Soul & The Saint Tour 2017 she did awesome
Pamela Merrick
She is fire!!!!!!!!!!!
LJ Mounteney
I'm gonna have to go find my head and put it back on my body - it was blown clear off!
RayQuinten Dodds
her timing is PERFECTION!
RayQuinten Dodds
is this Newport Kentucky???????
Rodrigo Muñoz Escobar
This is Heaven!!! .... THANKS..... Music: is the most healing art form
Bradley Gaju
This shit is bonkers!!!!