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Female Singers: Songs with Same Title

Dodano: 2017-12-28

Wyświetleń: 3173

Czas trwania: 06:35

Opis materiału Female Singers: Songs with Same Title



Can someone tell me if it's "title" or "titles" please ?Follow Me @Litalici0us https://www.instagram.com/litalici0us/
Fly like a lamb
Also beautful by Mariah and Beaufiul by christina aguilera
5:08 & 5:11 isn't even the same lol
Emy Reads
You should have included Haunted by Taylor Swift/Beyonce
And there's also Green Light by Beyoncé and Lorde
A.lien483 Schaffer
Crybaby -the neighbourhood
should have added melanie with cry baby..... just my opinioooon.
Maurice DeShawn
Selfish by Asia Cruise, That's the Way Jennifer López and That's the Way Stacie Orrico
Louka Deshaies
Omg! I love this concept!😍👏🏼💖
Naiara Bueno
In the moment I saw kehlani and jojo i just wanted to like the video :)