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alt-J - Left Hand Free (Official Video) 1

Dodano: 2014-08-07

Wyświetleń: 50801116

Czas trwania: 02:51

Opis materiału alt-J - Left Hand Free (Official Video) 1

                  Directed by Ryan Staake

From the album 'This Is All Yours'
Available on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/TIAYitunes
Available on CD / Double LP here: http://www.altjband.com/
Stream Left Hand Free here: http://smarturl.it/lefthandfreestream
Forthcoming live dates: http://showsnear.by/alt-J                


Cem Sağlam
I came after nobody or nothing and I've never seen the movies mentioned in the comments section.
Sauradeep Sarkar
I played this song to my girlfriend while she was sleeping and she started tapping her foot while asleep. Am i not the luckiest man alive :-)
Jimmy Velázquez
0:18 = Peter Parker
Chetan K V S
Mike Walworth
This is my favorite summer song.
Josip 7
Matthdgamer brought me here from his instagram storyOnly me?Okay...
Dasha Vilchak
Кто тут после Гражданки?😏
Hotrodimusprime 2002
good time song
Miryel Lupin
So You're the Spider Ling. Crime-Fighter Spider. You're the Spider Boy...?