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Professor Green - Lullaby ft. Tori Kelly

Dodano: 2014-08-07

Wyświetleń: 20228575

Czas trwania: 04:59

Opis materiału Professor Green - Lullaby ft. Tori Kelly

                  ‘Lullaby’ ft. Tori Kelly is released 14th September 2014. Pre-order now http://po.st/Lullaby
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Music video by Professor Green performing Lullaby. (C) 2014 Virgin Records Ltd
Best of Professor Green: https://goo.gl/MPLtjE
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Jem Strauss
Professor Green is a Great rapper i like Him thoEdited : 2019 ?
ZaKi MaeStrO
This song means a lot to me 🖤🖤
Grace Gilbert
Can’t find this song on iTunes :(
Hawk Eye Station Paranormal
defo me cant sleep some nights half time awsome song Mr Green you have hidden talents like the old singers of the past and the song has meaning
Hi im Komasan
i'vs changed since i ssaw this song during my childhood
Hi im Komasan
this is the best song for me....👍👍👍👍
Emma May
This song was my anthem when I was 11 and my depression first hit (and yes, you can be depressed at 11... trust me). My thoughts were constantly of suicide and I was in a new school so I didn't have a long enough friendship with anyone to open up to them, leaving me fighting my thoughts alone. Looking back, I really should have found some help.Anyway, this was the first song that really let me express myself through it as it was the first real rap I'd ever mastered and truly meant something to me. I remember being at school and sneaking on my headphones to listen to this to get me through another lesson without wanting to just run home and cry. Learning the rap gave me a new passion and introduced me to more songs like it, finding more ways to express each emotion.I'm 16 now, barely old enough to be reflecting on anything I know, and although I still have my waves of depression I'm much better now. That 'new school' became the place I grew into who I am today, allowing me to meet some of the most important people in my life. Ironically, my last day is in 2 weeks and I never want to leave. This song just appeared on my recommended and I'm getting serious flashbacks. I had to stop what I was doing to write a note to those still suffering, still listening to this song and relating to every word:1)You're going to look back on this, and remember your struggles and you'll be proud that you made it out alive. 2) No matter how bleak things seem, someone will always be there for you if you look hard enough, that person to sing you your 'lullaby' and guide you out of this. You don't have to get a therapist or someone professional if you don't want to, sometimes even just a friend is enough.3) Songs like this do help but remember to listen to something happier once in a while so that you aren't constantly stuck in such a sad place. Music is amazing and you should learn how to use it constructively to help you grow and express yourself, trust me it helps. One day this song will randomly appear again for you and you'll look back like I am, and it's a great feeling to know how far I've come. If you have nothing else to fight towards, fight for that feeling: the feeling of accomplishment. You will make it, and it's amazing when you do. Don't let yourself give up.
Georgia Gidney
Forgot how powerful this song is 😍
Satendra Tripathi
love u tori.
Anyone else think pro green is so unrated?