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Ambient Music: Bliss - Seven Lives

Dodano: 2018-06-28

Wyświetleń: 1109591

Czas trwania: 01:01

Opis materiału Ambient Music: Bliss - Seven Lives

                  Ambient Music: Bliss - Seven Lives                


RCC HD Sound
BLISS: Great Music for spirit...ENJOY....With musicians from Denmark, Sweden, and Guinea-Bissau, Bliss is an international world music chill out pop band based in Denmark. Anchored by Steffen Aaskoven and Marc-George Anderson, and including vocalists Alexandra Hamnede and co-writer Tchando, they have released several albums since 2001. Their tracks have appeared in international compilations and on television programs like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.[1]
Katerina Markou
Hallo from GreeceDoes someone know lyrics please?
Відеограф Аліса Протас
Музика сфер
Qusai Hassouneh
Wonderful 🙌🏻 🏕❤️
Glaucia Junqueira Roncon
Johan Andrés Hormaza Ricardo
Excelentes Melodías.... Gracias!!
Tatiana Cristo Lara Ramos
Amo esse som.demais!!!vi be maravilhosa...paz!
nithin saji
Vocal takes you to another world
Vitor Arrenega
Que música tão bela, tão linda. Música que meche com nosso coração. Um bem haja a vocês BLISS! Bliss.