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Tamta - Replay (Lyrics) - Eurovision Cyprus 2019

Dodano: 2019-04-05

Wyświetleń: 606811

Czas trwania: 03:08

Opis materiału Tamta - Replay (Lyrics) - Eurovision Cyprus 2019

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Written by: Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Viktor Svensson, Albin Nedler, Kristoffer Fogelmark 
Produced by: Alex P, Victory
Mixed by: Kevin Grainger at Wired Masters 
© 2019 Minos - EMI SA


You got a problem
2 am I’m in your head
Let’s just be honest, tonight

Only I can solve it
Ya twisting turning in your bed
Them sheets need my body, tonight

That’s when you call me,
that’s when you call me,
Say u feeling lonely, 
Early in the morning, early in the morning 
Time is moving slowly
We keep it undercover
I know you miss the taste 
Heart beats like an 808
You need my love on Replay 

Replay replay replay yeah
You need my love on Replay 
Replay replay replay yeah

You stuck on me darlin’
Like a love song on repeat 
Yeah u got a problem alright 

N I know I’m the one to blame 
Because I make you scream my name
N baby I’m all in tonight                


Marcus & Martinus Cyprus
I hope you enjoyed this video! Write me what song you want in lyrics!Have a nice day!😎❤Write a song ⬇⬇
song video fi
anna yepremyan
Who is armenian???
Okay but what does "Heart beats like an 808" actually mean?
Дима Николишвили
* * * TAM-TA, * * * TAM-TA * * *, I need your song on REPLAY 😍
Ell Anta
This is a bop dammn
Roman Chubov
Dynamic and modern music
Ejad Inc
I can’t believe she didn’t win 😵😮😮❤️❤️
i am trash
I think it sounded just a bit too much like Fuego, which caused me to not vote. If not, this would've probably been one of my faves. The song itself is so catchy and fun.