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Lady Gaga - Retro Dance Freak(CD RIP)Audio HQ

Dodano: 2012-08-19

Wyświetleń: 23977

Czas trwania: 03:23

Opis materiału Lady Gaga - Retro Dance Freak(CD RIP)Audio HQ

                  Lady Gaga THE FAME
Lady Gaga THE FAME
Lady Gaga THE FAME
Lady Gaga THE FAME
Lady Gaga THE FAME
Lady Gaga THE FAME                


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I can see why this didnt make it on the us version of the fame. It sounds more pre lady gaga or from her album red and blue.
Jonathan Ariel Mezquida Maliqueo
Fucking talented. I love you, GaGa!
I just took my "The Fame Monster (Disk 2)" out of it's case after all these years and, as I slid it onto my computer, I came to find that:1-This song is SOMEHOW no longer inside the CD2-This song has been replaced with "Again Again" which I've never heard beforeYou see, I haven't touched this CD or listened to Lady Gaga in general for YEARS and I clearly remember hearing this song in my portable CD player when I was a kid, which I can attest isn't just a dream since I've hummed this song before and people have questioned me about it...On the back of the disk case there's even a mention that this specific CD contains the song "Retro Dance Freak" and has no mention of "Again Again" ANYWHERE on the caseThis CD was gifted to me about 9 years ago and I assume it was bought in Portugal and that my Uncle/Aunt didn't mail it in from overseas since that wasn't really common practice in 2010 and I 100% remember hearing this song that WAS in the CD as much as I don't remember EVER hearing "Again Again" until today... so I'm assuming that putting the CD into my computer made SOMETHING, SOMEHOW change the contents of it... I'm assuming that this is due to it apparently being a track restricted to certain countries and that a program (iTunes maybe) may have altered the contents of my PHYSICAL CD...If anyone has experienced this as well, please tell me what you went through...
Geimeson silva Lucêna
HELLO EVERYBODYbeen listening to this since 2008, if u dont know, get out dont hate(:
Crystal c
this song is legit not anywhere else and i’m 😡
Ben F
Excuse me but how is this a cd rip it’s not on the fame cd
Anthony Digatii
This should be released everywhere 😭
DI Gumtree
This song weirds me out a bit because it doesn't really sound like Gaga singing
Astrid Honey
I am obsessed with her rare songs.