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Gent & Jawns - The Meaning [Monstercat Release]

Dodano: 2017-11-17

Wyświetleń: 485452

Czas trwania: 04:05

Opis materiału Gent & Jawns - The Meaning [Monstercat Release]

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Genre: Trap

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Monstercat: Uncaged
We brought the sound…Give a big welcome to Gent & Jawns!
This is planche level
RedHood q
esta gente q haces estas canciones son cristianos? por favor respondan
Isaac Britland
Hello fiery man. Nice to see you too.
Take me back to Nov 2017 please. :'(
The Cool Thing
The transition from sound to the drop was insane 😍😍😂🔥
Colton Rodano
People slept on this for best of 2018.
It's about to be a year since the song that fucking changed monstercat (lets be honest it really) came out.
the beginning reminded me of black ops 1 zombies main theme
In case anyone wants to know where this person from the artwork was taken from, it's a vintage photo of some religious fanatics getting "filled by the Holy Spirit". You can look up "Christianity's Pagan roots pentecostalism" on Google and you'll find the original photo. How did I find this out? I was trying to prove a point that Christianity is just as pagan as Halloween to some rude bastards who were hating on children dressing up as their favourite characters and collecting candy.Happy Halloween, my peeps