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T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

Dodano: 2012-11-29

Wyświetleń: 66554495

Czas trwania: 04:57

Opis materiału T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

                  T.I. - Dead & Gone ft. Justin Timberlake [Official Video]

From the album "Paper Trail" available now! 
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Goyrl Gone Wild - backup
So many lost goys ... 💔
Isabel Bernardes
Amo essa musica
quenton Johnson
2019 anyone
Mohu Monkie
This damn kind of music is dead and gone
Isaiah Solomon
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Jaskamal Mann
Thank you for paving the road, making mistakes so we do not that have 2 tip <3 (no chanel). simple ty <3 (world emoji)
Азамат Абдрашев
Yelow👍👍👍 black👏😠mather facking
Laced Up Gaming
Where’s everyone at in 2019 like this post I remember when this song come out cuz he was going to jail and was trying to prove to the judge that he messed up and was a family and was scared for his life when they found all those guns in his house only real people will remember that
aviwe mayengeshe
Still listening DEAD and GONE like me❤
Rob Locke
I'm trying!