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Nightcore - How Do You Love Someone

Dodano: 2014-01-31

Wyświetleń: 27286815

Czas trwania: 03:07

Opis materiału Nightcore - How Do You Love Someone

                  [Requested by Jordan McGuire]
Music: How Do You Love Someone - Ashley Tisdale
Lyrics in video, enjoy :)
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sven jones
Song: how do you love someone without getting hurtThanos: Reality is often disappointing
Panda Bun
I know this must be said a lot, but this song perfectly sums up my life perfectly :) My parents have always argued relentlessly and I grew up thinking it was normal. I had severe anger issues and other issues that probably went undiagnosed because they didn't helped me. It was tough growing up with parents that said they loved you and each other, yet they would turn around and hurt you and your other parent. It still is. I don't know what love actually feels like and Idk if I ever will.
《Maritzu Chan》
Wait where are her legs?
Angelina Arens
Im in highschool, i have great friends( boy) my blind friend beats me up with his stick and roast me(girl) calls me an anime addict cause i mostly have anime pictures on my phone and is the best and #relateble(boy,2nd shortest kid in class) loves shade, is not depressed.(girl) completely ignores my existence(girl) loves gacha life a little too much yup such great friends
Yeet Boi
How do you love money without spending them!!!
the forsaken who whispers in the shade
Lil Klaudzia
Time up xd
Isabelle Pitt
“Wherever there’s darkness, there is light” make sure you are that light in the darkness!
LOL Gamer
"Love is shit "
Anime Light The Hyper
Song: how do you love someone?Me: have to find you crush and notice him personality if him nice or not before you asked him out UwUSong: HOW DO YOU LOVE SOMEONE!?Me: that it-