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Stitches - I'm So Lost (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2019-06-13

Wyświetleń: 1267667

Czas trwania: 04:42

Opis materiału Stitches - I'm So Lost (Official Music Video)

                  Watch the official music video of "I'm So Lost" by Stitches. 

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Jorge Meza
Drop the country version
Repeat song 100 times
Gary Michael
Do it pussy
Jim O'Hicke
I'm fuckin 36 and this lil homie has honestly helped me thru depression. The Almighty God loves you, Stitches! Fuck the world
Kyle Harris
Great song bro 🙏🙏🙏
Stitches inspired me to go for my dreams I’m a amateur professional wrestler and I’m rapping ❤️
Stitches i feel your pain i go through the same shit
Well when you do cocaine as much as Stiches did what do you expect? Regrets will eventually consume you. To anyone doing hard drugs, slow it down, I was strong enough quit cold turkey cause I saw the bullshit in it and even though the drugs didnt consume me i still look back and regret a lot of things. Idk. Im not here to help you, you should look in the mirror and try to help the person you see. Do it for you and your family.
This dude beefed with the game lol career died fast af
Vito Houle
This dud is PURE TRASH!!!!