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Planet X - Quantum (Full Album)

Dodano: 2017-11-14

Wyświetleń: 83511

Czas trwania: 50:51

Opis materiału Planet X - Quantum (Full Album)

                  Time Tracks + Download Album Mp3 Link :)
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-Download: https://ouo.io/OVxR5P

-Time Of Songs;

1_Alien Hip-Hop  0:01 - 7:09 
2_Desert Girl: 7:13 - 13:16
3_Matrix Gate: 13:17 - 17:23 
4_The Thinking Stone: 17:28 - 20:00 
5_Space Foam: 21:44 - 26:25 

6_Poland: 26:28 - 30:00 
7_Snuff: 31:53 - 36:47 
8_Kingdom Of Dreams: 39:51 - 43:37
9_Quantum Factor: 43:41 - 50:49                


One of the best albums ever, thanks.
ramon forin
Sono io sfasato o la musica?
Dwhizzle Dizzle
Abang Eastcoast
6_Poland: 26:28 - 30:00
Flavio Lopes
I never knew that Jimmy johnson was the basss player...wow
Francisco Javier
El solo de Guitarra de Poland que se mete Garsedddd... Vaya monstruosidadddddd... Harto swing e influencia jazzera...
Jesse Lenaker
Non-musical house guest: Why does the track keep skipping?Me: ... (thinking how do I explain this...) "I have no idea..." as I put Plini on.
pedro gabriel
Virgil Donati makes me confuse ,he is a fucking metronome freak! Wtf!
Perfect soundtrack for my math homework
William L.
Is this the one where the guitarist accidently erased everything he laid down on the entire album and had to re-record all of it?