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If I Die Young-The Band Perry-LYRICS! :)

Dodano: 2010-07-18

Wyświetleń: 50400697

Czas trwania: 4 min

Opis materiału If I Die Young-The Band Perry-LYRICS! :)

                  okay, so, it would be greatly appreciated if yall would RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE(: thanksss(:


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Herewego55 21
I boy I really like is moving tomorrow is gonna be my last day ever seeing him What should I do?
creative cookie
Who else came here bc it’s newts song❤️
Isabella Plasola
This was my fave song when I was younger and it still is and this just brings me to tears knowing people no longer make music like this
Lilly Walters
My sister died when she was born her name was Nicky i will always miss the sister that i never met. never give up!
Lilly Walters
This song makes my mom sad because when it came out a baby died and another baby went missing and they never foud the baby
X Wray
Funny when your dead people start listening this is my life nobody ever listens to me 😩😩😥😥😢😢
Sk8ter girl
Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin they only care when you’re gone..
Helena Dizdarevic
Oh God. This reminds me of sooo many characters we lost. Tris Prior - you were my light and hope for years, the person who was too brave and selfless to live in this world Remus Lupin - you taught me to make everything bad in my life funny, you were my mentor, a friend and a parent. Bianca di Angelo - l didn't know you for a long time, but you were a true hero that didn't deserve to die. Me and Nico will pray for you forever. Augustus Waters - you weren't my love, but l really felt like you were. You were too perfect to live here. Too kind and funny. Hazel will never get over you, so will l.Rue - you were a beautiful little girl that taught me to find hope even in the darkest times. You didn't deserve to die like that. We lost so many lives. PS : lf you don't have fandom, you won't understand, so please don't judge
Ava Brooks
"Funny when you're dead people start listening"Why can i relate to this :( (im not dead but people only listen when i say im commiting suicide)
EnderTheSmolPsycho UvU
DO NOT IGNORE OR SCROLL PAST!!!This is for the people who have depression, done self-harm, attempt to commit suicide, etc. You just don’t have enough color. But if you keep walking, you’ll find buckets of paint. The paint is made from support, happiness, love, you name! The people who made the paint wants you to use it to color the rest of your life before you reach the end of the book. (I’m one of those creators.) 😊