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If I Die Young-The Band Perry-LYRICS! :)

Dodano: 2010-07-18

Wyświetleń: 49431905

Czas trwania: 4 min

Opis materiału If I Die Young-The Band Perry-LYRICS! :)

                  okay, so, it would be greatly appreciated if yall would RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE(: thanksss(:


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Melliss Smith
I cried
Sonja William s
A great she's talking about dying what the heck it's not your time lady not time to die yet these people are just got something weird songs out here some I'm talking about die ing on drugs or in a drinking bar yeah that's weird why would anybody want to hear that
Mikayla Nash
I really hate when nobody listens to u when u tell them ur down and they let it slip by until you've had enough and has committed suicide
Jack Duncan
If I die young don’t dare play this fucking song. I’ll haunt you forever. Stupid self righteous bastards trying to take emotional hostages. Shit.
Mikayla Nash
D eparted soul, winged and empowered E very inch a solemn piece A fter such a drag-such a screeching dragT here is this closed lifeH ark I have descended my throne
Faith Mendez
I just sing that song the 1 one
Lily Cullen
I’m listening to this song because in glee Santana sang it for Finn. RIP Cory. “The show must go all over the place or something like that.” 💖
milo xxx
This was on at my funeral..😊😈😉
Bliss-ful Gacha
1 like: I'll play this at my birthday on repeat all day.5 likes: I'll do a cover on my own(don't post anywhere).15: I'll sing to my friends.35: I'll post my cover.50: I'll sing this at my school's talent show.*Edit: I am going to play this on repeat all day for my birthday, on August 6.
Miranda League
Love this song