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Rihanna Live Full Concert 2018

Dodano: 2018-08-12

Wyświetleń: 845302

Czas trwania: 01:15:39

Opis materiału Rihanna Live Full Concert 2018

                  Rihanna Live Full Concert 2018                


Javon Miller
I'm Sorry best edgy performer EVER BETTER PERIODD 💖💖💖♥️♥️♥️💖💖😬😬
Her lungs are shot from smoking crack
Aziza Azzouz
Une arnaque totale , elle chante deux mots et les autres font le reste !
chawanrat srithon
wow this is amaszing of you Rihhana
Mariangela Souza
Adriano Bezerra
Rihanna vc é o Michael Jackson de saia rsrs...
alfredo lopez
She net 600 million
bernard balan
we must come to the festival "Les vielles charrues" next year. It's in France, in Brittany
susan lipinski
Wow Rihana’ you’re are the best singer
Adam Dickson
The coolest and most divine woman on planet earth at any given time.