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[MV] IU(아이유) _ Through the Night(밤편지)

Dodano: 2017-03-24

Wyświetleń: 70701072

Czas trwania: 04:43

Opis materiału [MV] IU(아이유) _ Through the Night(밤편지)

                  [MV] IU(아이유) _ Through the Night(밤편지)

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Emilia Regina
Singing through old communication device: Before Dustin from Stranger Things there was IU
Douaa 두아
I just uploaded a short cover of this song😋I would really appreciate it if you check it out guys 😊😊
2019년 10월 19일 ᆢᆢ
Erica Altabano
this deserves a hundred million views
Jackielyn Bernadez
I have to admit, I didn't like her the first time I saw her. BUT, when I had the chance to watch a vid of her playing the guitar while singing, it changed it everything. 💖 IU has the sweetest voice ever!
Jeon SooYoung
w dupsko klaps
Jeon SooYoung
nie zesraj sie
Jeon SooYoung
ale brzydal hhaahahahah
Rish Covers
I hope IU notices this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfytaN8boj0 ... stay strong love.
Laeli Qudsiyah
Suka ma IU yg tetap mempertahankan karir di musik n ga cuma fokus akting j , drama hotel Del Luna bener2 drama bagus n akting dia jadi Jang man weol 👍