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Nightcore - The World Calling

Dodano: 2014-03-30

Wyświetleń: 2293352

Czas trwania: 03:19

Opis materiału Nightcore - The World Calling

                  [Requested by Francisco Conde]
Music: The World Calling - There For Tomorrow
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Pic Link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/DarkArmin2-398241939
Pic Origin: Anime - Attack on Titan                


Cupcake Lolipop6
It looks like Armin or alois
player boy
vergil from dmc ,anime version
promethianfire nvrdead
I'm not fucking with y'all, but I got to get fair and real results. I'm going to give most of what I get to fixing shit but I'll be taking it from those that don't talk to me
John May
I love how your channel is so diverse
Sharjeel Ahmed
rip armin
Joshua Cross
What do y'all mean that's Armin
Twinkle Garg
Just the best song for so cool Armin
Nevermore 721
I can relate to this song.
Charmzura -
There is no way this is someone from attack on titan 😐
Mild Yandere
I didn't recognise armin at first XD.