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Seal Kiss From A Rose Remastered study HQ audio

Dodano: 2018-02-05

Wyświetleń: 9038823

Czas trwania: 04:50

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People If your having a bad day, this guy can seal your troubles away
I was in my early twenties when this came out...and I paid Seal zero attention. Felt his music was too commercial, and therefore garbage. Only thing I knew about Seal was that he married Heidi Klum. Again, no interest in this, in the least.Fast forward a few decades: I happen across this track -and Crazy - based on someone my age raving about Seal. I scoff, but decide to give it a listen, just to confirm my dismissal...Whoa. Was I wrong! So, so wrong!Now I am very angry at myself that I missed this artist in his prime. So soulful, so meaningful, subtle yet provocative. His range, his tone. I'm literally blown away and only "slightly" emotional. I think I am a new fan and will begin seeking out his other music! All I can say is better late than never. To think, I listened to Sade, Lenny K. and Tracy C. heavily at the time, even liked P.M. Dawn! I feel like a damn fool that I didn't give this guy a shot. Dumb youth, I guess.
Bilal Kham
I wish I could live in the 90s forever!
Bilal Kham
There something about this song and it's words that send me back in Time to my teenage years it's so magical every time I hear this song I go down memory lane this song is so deep!
Daniel Reece
Sends shivers through me this does
Daniel Reece
A god damn Masterpiece
Wiliam sidis
Escuchando por fm Horizonte en la madrugada de invierno haciendo laminas de dibujo tecnico para parachin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpFflATpjxo '10 miles from nowhere' has a similar vibe
Washington Gomes Lara
Marlene Moura