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【Gumi English】Candle Queen【Original Song Collaboration】

Dodano: 2017-11-07

Wyświetleń: 3113509

Czas trwania: 02:34

Opis materiału 【Gumi English】Candle Queen【Original Song Collaboration】

                  it's lit 🔥🔥🔥

Hey hi hello it's another collab!!! This one was pretty fun considering Lauren was imitating my style in composition and I was imitating her style in instrumentation hahaha

I know it's pretty different from my usual uploads, but honestly? That's kinda the point, we're gonna shake things up a little from here on out 

Hopefully y'all like this one uwuwuwuwuwu

Also a huge reverby thanks to Brood for rendering the piano! He has a good piano VST and I do not so his contribution was very much appreciated thanks bud

AND NOW a word from our collab pal:

"I am SO super excited to share this with everyone!! This song has been about a year in the making. At the start, I was inspired to write a song in GHOST's style, so I came up with the first draft of Candle Queen and even commissioned an illustration from GHOST to accompany it! However, even though I felt like I almost nailed it with the piano, organ, and clapping, I never felt like I'd properly produced the song in GHOST's style, so I shelved it... Then a year later, we were talking about it again, and it suddenly occurred to us that it would make for a fun collab! After GHOST waved their spectral magic over the song, it truly came to life, and it took on even more depth in the form of this amazing PV. The song would never have become what it is without their incredible work. Thank you, GHOST, for collaborating with me and making Candle Queen shine!"


DOWNLOAD (on-vocal and instrumental): 
Bandcamp: https://ghostandpals.bandcamp.com/album/candle-queen
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/candle-queen-single/1309207671?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo=4
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Ghost_and_Pals_Candle_Queen?id=Bnfb7oruuej3766gimpm5iagoaa
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4KKDG7iIWtyzpZ7SYhos3E

Composition, lyrics: Silver Chord Music
Instrumentation, PV, VSQx, mixing: GHOST
Piano render: Brood

Silver Chord Music:
Twitter: @silverchordmus
Soundcloud: silverchordmusic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SilverChordMusic
Tumblr: silverchordmusic

Twitter: @Brood_P
Soundcloud: JBAI
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/brooda

you can find my social media, patreon, etc. websites i'm on here: https://www.ghostandpals.com/                


please read the description, there's more thorough credits as to who did what in there! also remember to credit lauren as well when making fanworks for this song, she worked hard on this too!also also guys pls no arguments about cuphead/batim we had this ordeal over happy days already i don't wanna relive it
Udududjdj Siicidicjdjif
I swear at times I can only hear ‘jejfnfnjwififjfkri Candle queen’ but it’s a good song.
bug stinky
still one of my all time favorite songs to this day!!!!
絵柄がめっちゃcap headなの大好き
unique souls
I love the song !
Coco L
Is it just me or does this song represents Celestia Ludenberg
Dead Meteor
Sounds like one of my classmates from junior high... (Xtra bad grammars & translation sorry-) She's quite decent in several way, decent leader skill, nice face and singing voice. ..Too bad that even one thing didn't go as she wants, she'll throw tanturms and start calling people around her mean names. If someone has to say no to her, she'll constantly guilt-trip and pressure them until they gave in.Was a two-faced binch as well, a goody two shoe with a fake-ass halo when the teachers' around. Then an absolute selfish brat to the max when they turned their backs. Your stuff IS her stuff, she'll snatch your things and use it like it's hers, then act like you're overreacting for abusing your belongings. (She drew all over my comic class folder without my permission...>:"( And there I was, a fricked up in the head teen that just got out of an extremely toxic situation. Zero self-esteem, haven't recall how to say no... An easy target to her, had to put up with her BS for a long time. Being with her was like walking on eggshells:One word wrong and you're the worst person on the planet...Fun. Then one day at break time, someone in our class probably was done with her shitt and started to argue with her. Although didn't really know what they're fussing about, it got pretty heated. Then she ended the arguement with saying this out loud for the whole class to hear: "So what, if you won this arguement?? My family is way more wealthier than yours!"("吵贏了不起噢??我們家最有錢!") Some time later, she suddenly had to move out with her parents soon, from our teacher said. Turned out that her dad's job that makes them rich went downhill, she had to graduate in another school...Spent the rest of her time at school as a quite weird binch. One time she sat REALLY close to me, then said some weird things into my ear. Some of other classmates came to ask me of what she said shortly after she left me alone, apparently she was going nuts in every way. She even said things like how she likes to cut herself with a box-cutter to one of them. Ehhh... Then there comes the best part: When she's finally gone. As soon as the news left our teacher's mouth, the whole class basically went apeshitt. Boys cheering & yelling, two of them jumped out of their seats and messed her empty seat up, girls giggling/laughing at them and started to chat.Our 100% oblivious of her b!tchiness teacher chewed our ass out for being extremely rude, but none of us gave a sh!t to her angry scolding.Definitly one of the few glistening memory of this chaotic and blurry three years.
Ella The Derp Fox :3
I thought it said “Kando Queen”
Sara Rivera
Also hilarious to me beacuse the head of a candle lit by fire and people who have anger issues or don't think straight while angry are often called 'hothead'. Get it. Hothead.
I wanna cosplay this