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"Stride by Stride" - ( ORIGINAL WARRIOR CATS SONG) Bluestar

Dodano: 2016-07-11

Wyświetleń: 469859

Czas trwania: 02:23

Opis materiału "Stride by Stride" - ( ORIGINAL WARRIOR CATS SONG) Bluestar

                  Composer of the beautiful instrumental - Jonny Easton
Instrumental - "Morning Walk"  - https://youtu.be/LHFXQ7Y2cos


I feel like this would take place right after Firestar receives his nine lives, and Bluestar is there to help guide him.

The lyrics are a intentionally a bit vague and can also be applied to Cinderpelt! It was originally written with Bluestar in mind but it could really work either way LOL

Also weeny bit of a disclaimer. This is my first attempt at like... writing lyrics to an instrumental, so I do apologize if it's a little rough around the edges!
BUTTT Thank you so much for watching! :'D


You've got nothing but time left now.
To let your fire shine.
Shine brightly for me.

And do
Please do all that you can do.
Do all I wasn't able to.
But, do it for you.

Your Fear will no longer live here.
Let your worries and doubts disappear.
Soon your fate will be clear.

Look around you
Think of all you've been through.
You are strong.
And now you know that you belong.
You are home
And though you may not know
That your faith and  heart have guided you, 
and now just look how you've grown.
Light the way
Your fire will always blaze.
Though the road ahead is unknown.
You won't be alone.

Love my clan deeply.
Love them completely.
I will live on in you.

Go now it's your time
And I'll be right there by your side.
Stride for stride.


Instrumental - "Morning Walk" 

Lyrics/Vocals/Art/Editing - Blixemi

Characters - Erin Hunter

*Please do not reupload this video/lyrics anywhere without my permission! Thank you!                


This song, and the full album are now available to purchase on iTunes and Google Play!Download on iTunes → https://goo.gl/g98eMBDownload on Google Play → https://goo.gl/rjZgbZ
Hello Pie Man
Where’s the “you might have your eyes become Niagara Falls” warning i literally cried when she said “Firestar...thank you.”
Ansel O
I’m watching this again in 2019, and I remember when this was a new song, and I saw the new notification of a new blixemi song, excitedly clicking and listening to it. Back in 2017. Ah... nostalgia
Amber flower
I'm gonna cry 😢
Young Link
Sounds like a sound a song from. Disney movie for some reason
LeafBreeze WarriorCatsSkyClan
Pls make a spottedLeaf song
Ivy theEON
TheCrafty Fox
Your voice is actually PERFECT this is what I imagine for Bluestar or Cinderpelt.
I Like Ducks
I swear if I don't find this song in the Warriors movie I will burn the disc.
Rex Plays
Am I really the only one who cried?