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Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2019-03-29

Wyświetleń: 8529339

Czas trwania: 04:03

Opis materiału Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

                  Billie Eilish - listen before i go (Lyrics)

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Lyric video for "listen before i go" by Billie Eilish                


Shadow Music
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Zora Kaltaler
Call my friends and tell them that I love them...And I'll miss them.But I'm not sorry.Wow. What a powerful lyric.This is so relatable because sometimes i think about ending it all. And I think about how my friends would react. They'd probably be sad. But I don't care. I'm not sorry.
nancy Barrett
Wow..... Where was this song 3 years ago.... Where was this song 7 years ago.... Where was this song when i was born.... I've been searching for a song like this my whole life so i can just for once.... Feel at Peace well trying to survive in this world.... Trying to leave this world.... Not to escape from this beauty but.... Myself.... But guess what? I'm not sad when i hear songs like this..... I'm not crying when i listen and discover my own meaning for each lyric.... I'm.... Calm.... I'm at peace.... And for once i feel like i.... Belong....Please if you ever want to die because you feel alone just know that.... There could be someone out there going through the same thing as you..... Please stay happy, stay humble... Stay blessed❤❤
please please please, stay happy out there. there is help.
idontknow 1234
the thought of death scares me so much, yet sometimes i wish i could just die. sometimes i wanna just end it. i wanna be isolated from everyone and everything for a while. i wanna close my eyes and disappear just for a little while. i wish everything could be at least a little better. i miss mt ex boyfriend, i feel so alone. i feel so scattered.
Guinevere Silva- Ryan
Why does this song make me cry 😿😿
Butrint Godanci
its my first time listening to this song, but all what i want to say is :If you have depression dont listen this song.
VigiLantTig3r 14
I can't believe I actually cried listening to this. I usually don't cry listening to songs I can relate to but this was too much.
Jojo Ahmed
One of the worst song that i had ever heard
Md Faizan
just closed your and feel tha music🥀🥀