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Danniel Selfmade - Why Here (Original Mix)

Dodano: 2018-02-23

Wyświetleń: 8753

Czas trwania: 06:36

Opis materiału Danniel Selfmade - Why Here (Original Mix)

                  Buy on Beatport : http://bit.ly/2oWSBUS
Longtime Deeperfect artist Danniel Selfmade is now ready to make his debut on DPE, Deeperfect’s sister label. This Spanish producer has been making a big name for himself, with literally hundreds of releases on the biggest labels. He is a hit machine, churning out chart topping releases at an alarming rate and we are excited to bring his latest creations to you here.
The title track, ‘Monophone’ is a dubby, deep, minimal burner, expertly crafted by one of the best producers in the game. A stripped back groove pushes along and uses intricate percussion and effects to create a sense of tension and drama. Haunting keys evolve to create a unique and hypnotising dynamic within the composition and further develop the eerie nature of the record.
Up next is ‘Why Here’ which takes a more peak time approach to proceedings. A heavy beat is joined by an offbeat bassline and a pulsing analogue percussion that creates ample energy and gives the track a minimal techno vibe. The track opens in the breaks, introducing a deep spoken vocal and engulfing analogue effects, to become an intense dancefloor bomb.
Closing out the EP we have ‘That’s Right’ which is a pumping deep bomb. It starts out subtly and stripped back with a punchy beat and grooving sub. Intricate and evolving melodies enter the scene and develop the tune into a standout dancefloor viber with a unique character and soul.                


Zoltán Gampel
brutal rmx!
Minimal sound good
Хвърчил Хвърчилков
Great track..
Elton Galvão
Best of music
Vesta9 Obliu
#1 on beatport (minimal/tech)
Nick G
Adrien Mognetti
heavy af