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Shadow Of War - True Ending Theme ''Fires Of War'' Lyrics [4K]

Dodano: 2017-10-11

Wyświetleń: 2223464

Czas trwania: 03:41

Opis materiału Shadow Of War - True Ending Theme ''Fires Of War'' Lyrics [4K]

                  Here is my lyric video for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War's true ending theme ''Fires Of War''.
Composed by Nathan Grigg.


Brodie Blacklaw
Shadow of the past : talion hunts down celibrembor and kills him and he rules all of Mordor and Gondor and beats the nine and saron
AquaDill yt
I will miss the middle earth games. One of my top 10’s
aSi_Pinky The god
“Celebrimbor was blinded by his lust for powerYet I miss himNo one should have to fight Alone.” Talion, The unsung hero of Middle-Earth
I wanted to walk off out campus on the last day of my school years while breaking apart my mechanical pencils, pens and hearing this song...
Trevor Reeves
Thank you Monolith Productions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and the whole team for giving us such an amazing story. It’s been one helluva ride. But like all things, they come to an end. Thank you for this so much.
Tailsthefoxson 27
This game brought back many memories in my life
John Calder
If there's ever a sequel, I hope Ratbag, having finally learned the ropes from watching Talion, leads the surviving Orcs and Trolls to Southern Harad to find a new life in the jungle, using the New Ring to keep control of his people and enforce order and prosperity
Is this song on Spotify? Or any music streaming service? I can only find it on YouTube.
Black Templar Chaplain
I just realised that the new ring was never destroyed which explains why after Saurons tower was destroyed Celebrimors soul could be seen flying away. For his soul had been bound to the new ring. I didn't think about it when Celebrimor gave the new ring to Eltarial. We don't see her or the new Ring for the rest of the game. Unless you've played the expansion. Which Unfortunatley, I haven't.
I'll miss you shadow of war! Tommorow marks the 2 years! True fans know 10-10-17 man the hype was insane.