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Opis materiału Erykah Badu: whole Live Concert at Gasparilla Music Festival 2016, Tampa, FL - UNIENDO FRONTERAS 31

                  Television Program UNIENDO FRONTERAS is bringing you Erykah Badu concert in Gasparilla Music Festival 2016. More images and videos when you register in www.Youtube/tvbilingual                


This is so nasty!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Band is Fire!! Bass player is eating! And I’ve watched this a million times!
Jassmina Vellucciano
She should do a Jazz Album. She’s got great voice for Jazz. I love her voice ranges, she can sing anything.
GOT em'⚠️
Randy ThirdSun
What multi-culture is this? As your audience gets to be all white your nappy/dread hair gets straighter and the stage becomes gay! I'm shutting this down.
Aislin Mehta
I found it and thank you . I Want You and I hate Amazon does not let me buy the single.
Aislin Mehta
Anyone know the song title at 26:00, please?
Terms Smith
Aye gogo!
Carmen Thomas
I can tell you wanna boogie. YASSS
Prince Amu
man this makes me so happy
Prince Amu
might have to flush the ye yooooooo haaaaaaaa, so dope