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Sonique - Sky (Official Video)

Dodano: 2018-11-08

Wyświetleń: 5018630

Czas trwania: 04:17

Opis materiału Sonique - Sky (Official Video)

                  Download & Stream: https://AltraModaMusic.lnk.to/0nx-Y

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Sonique British is a DJ, singer and producer. Her most successful album is the platinum “Hear Me Cry”, which includes the chart-topping single’s “I Put A Spell On You”, “Sky” and "It Feels So Good." "It Feels So Good" remained in the top 40 for fourteen weeks and became the third-biggest-selling single of 2000 in Britain. In her early career she collaborated with DJ Mark Moore as one half of the dance-pop duo S'Express.. Sonique had the honour to win a Brit Award in 2001 as Best British Female Solo Artist.

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tania nedeljkovic
Yes! I finally found this song after years of trying to remember how it goes. 90's kids problems 🤣
Gin Ichimaru
Эта женщина выглядит как Крис Такер, пиздец не могу больше смотреть😬😬😬
Sonique is a Mother of my musical taste.
Ronak Bhavsar
Reminds me of my teenage years when music videos were Trendy and everybody use to surf through music channels to watch this video, a great uplifting tune.
Gonzalo Arvietti
this music video put on shame the 2019 music videos
Giorgos Patras
Very good song my year
Elaine Nunes Feitosa
Gente..estou chorando aqui de tanta nostalgia...esta mulher canta muito e a música é maravilhosa.
Haitem jeyash
Can't stop moving my feet while listening to this masterpiece. Miss these days
Me ricorda l'anno dello scudetto, 2000/2001
Аж пробирает))))