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Judas Priest - (2001) Demolition *Full Album*

Dodano: 2016-03-17

Wyświetleń: 18074

Czas trwania: 01:10:56

Opis materiału Judas Priest - (2001) Demolition *Full Album*

                  I do not own copyright on any of the content of this video (music, pictures, etc.). This video was made for entertainment only and not for personal gain. 

01 Machine Man 0:00
02 One on One 5:36
03 Hell is Home 12:21
04 Jekyll and Hyde 18:40
05 Close to You 22:02
06 Devil Digger 26:29
07 Bloodsuckers 31:20
08 In Between 37:33
09 Feed on Me 43:15
10 Subterfuge 48:44
11 Lost and Found 53:57
12 Cyberface 58:57
13 Metal Messiah 1:05:41                


guitar sounds like rammstein
Deimoz Lorenzo
Judas with out rob isn’t Judas
dunky dog
Better then jugulator
Clifford Gibbs
I like many people did not buy or listen to JP after to Rob Halford left the band after pain killer; but now I have listened to Jugulator and Demolition I really regret this now. After listening to the two albums many years later in 2019. I really like the two Ripper albums and although they may not be up to Killing Machine, British Steel or Screaming for Vengeance, in my opinion the Ripper albums are better than many of the Halford albums. Many people may disagree and that fine everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when I look back and listen to the albums after screaming for Vengeance .......like Defenders of the Faith for example had a real low point in the Johnny B Good cover and the rest of the songs were not much better and then came Turbo and Ram it down and the downward trend continued. Don't get me wrong I am a life long JP fan but these things have to be said..... 70 and early 80s JP was much better than JP in the mid to late 80s. Having said that what I have always respected about JP is that they are not afraid to try new styles and directions which many metal bands have failed to do. And when Ripper joined JP again they managed to push into new sounds and directions..... but when Halford came back in 2004/2005 with Angel of Retribution it was not a bad album but was a throw back to Pain Killer ..... we had to wait for Nostradamus for a change in direction again. And now that KK Downing has left the band I am less interested in JP again ..... Firepower was a good album but now that KK is out and also Glen Tipton is now effectively unable to perform I don't really feel this is JP any more and a band should know when to quit... as painful as it is for me to say.
Mark Thompson
Matt archer think that got different taste in heavy metel music nthng wtong with that
Mark Thompson
Think demolition is a GD album t listen to heavy ND sounds good
Matt Archer
Priest at there worst but still better than matalica
reiner bergkamen
the worst priest album
mick leeds