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"snare drum march" "snare solo" "field march" "drum line" "snare drum solo"

Dodano: 2013-03-22

Wyświetleń: 423206

Czas trwania: 53 sek

Opis materiału "snare drum march" "snare solo" "field march" "drum line" "snare drum solo"

                  "snare drum march" "snare solo" "field march" "aquarian drum heads"
"snare drum solo" "snare drum roll" "snare rudiments" "ludwig jazz fest snare" "vintage ludwig drums"

Like old school swing solos ? https://www.instagram.com/vintage_drum_solos/                


Joker ???
I Need a tutorial on this
Is this mabuhay march?
- serenifier -
Oh my god thank
Cjay PH
what snare is this?
Niko here
nice nice man love it! good job check out "Escape from Alcatraz" >> main theme<< its from the 70s w clint eastwood about the 3 escapees that escaped alcatraz "The Rock'' in the main theme when he's being transferred to the rock prison the theme plays w a sweet magnificent drum roll listen to it & if you can please make a video on that drum roll rhythm & if i may please use your drum roll in one of my videos ill add your channel link & video link in description of my video :)
freak azoid
In honor for all the dead fish i kept
R#*#*# Fabricio
Ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack............ 🐱‍🏍
A Living Legend
Please make this downloadable
Is that a Noble & Cooley Snare
Pablo Duato Jimeno