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LTN & Jayeson Andel - Clockwork (LTN Remix) [Silk Music]

Dodano: 2014-05-29

Wyświetleń: 13014

Czas trwania: 4 min

Opis materiału LTN & Jayeson Andel - Clockwork (LTN Remix) [Silk Music]

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01 LTN & Jayeson Andel - Clockwork (Jayeson Andel 'Steampunk' Remix)
02 LTN & Jayeson Andel - Clockwork (LTN Remix)

or Arrival's 68th single release we are proud to present a collaboration between LTN (Indonesia) and Jayeson Andel (Canada). On numerous occasions over the past year, these artists have presented both brilliant and inspiring sounds to our label family, and their new work, "Clockwork", captures the essence of their great production skills.

Jayeson Andel's 'Steampunk' version starts off with a club-friendly beat, as well as a truly energetic bassline. Various soothing pads are showcased in the main break, in which we also witness a hint of the theme lead to come. The subsequent section features this lead in hypnotic unison with the pumping and well-structured rhythm. LTN's version takes off with a captivating groove, including frisky percussion lines and a soothing bassline. Gorgeous harmonic elements appear in the break, and these elements brilliantly blend into the already well-textured soundscape.                


Alicelf salem
Good song😘👍
Paulo Gomes Freitas
Man...I can just get lost in this... it's amazing!
Mihai Buldus
...But am i the only one that hears the facebook notification sound troughout the song?:O(0:58;1:13;1:28...etc)
Mihai Buldus
LTN God of Progressive house atm.
Elvis Vrioni
This can send you to another world
Regina Gratceva
grazie .. :)
Adam Omara
very dope , love it from the start