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Danzig Thirteen

Dodano: 2011-04-02

Wyświetleń: 667856

Czas trwania: 04:21

Opis materiału Danzig Thirteen

                  Danzig Thirteen                


Mateus Lima
Se beber, não case
Bryant Stonechild
danzig. great music as always.reality is great isn't it. love always!. cals,amanda sabit. known is jack rabbit I'd love to meet you in this life time I live.it would be a lot of fun.here's a #.306 559 4578 ,cell always local 306 527 7190 ,always located at #cell ,as 4 amanda sabit,or jack rabbit if isee u in this life time i do or I dont . life's mystery. great love to you glen,,your the greatest. don't ever forget that. ♡~☆!¥×¥. cals.
The failed "hard man" and his appalling music. The guy gets beaten up every time he goes on tour. It's pathetic.
urko de hoyos
Vegas 😦
Catatonic Scripts
The Wolf 🐺 Pack!!!!
Isidore Lewallen
See you gay boys later
Anthony Vega
Should be LA Mexican gang anthem
DId anyone else come here from the Rageaholic's Metal Mythos Danzig video?
adam gonzales
I remember when Danny from Northside Kings knocked Glen's loudmouth ass out backstage years back. Still rocking the Northside Kings shirt of the danzig skull missing teeth to this day. Good shit.
Fuck Yes