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The Who - Overture

Dodano: 2009-04-02

Wyświetleń: 1405493

Czas trwania: 05:22

Opis materiału The Who - Overture

                  From the album "Tommy".
Written by Pete Townshend.

Captain Walker
Didn't come home
His unborn child,
Will never know him
Believe him missing
With a number of men
Don't expect
To see him again.                


Desert Hot Things
Pete is just a great guitar player period. People always say "rhythm" because it is his most obvious strength. But often overlooked is his sublime approach to everything else including lead, flourishes, arranging. He is MUSICAL above all else and has a refinement and higher calling as a player that is likely lost on anyone who regards, say, Eddie Van Halen a better...or worthwhile...guitar player. Ok. Feast on that you Van Halen loving, idiots. I have the truth!
Val Val
This song, without the pushing drums of Moon would sound so silly and childish
Jason Barbush
found this cassette at a flea market for fifty cents. sweet deal.
Feel blessed to hv had the privilege to hv seen them live. missed out on keith
One nine- sixty nine! I was 8 years old and eating this album for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This entire album consumed me!
Keith Moon going NUTS .......... RIP
Mary Bialoglow
Why you be callin' this the COMPLETE album when I don't see no Sally Simpson, yo.
Jose Herguedas Gonza
despues de ver a unos mongoles haciendo el mongol en la publicidad esto parece el paraiso
Awesome T
i tricked shazam twice with this
Johnny thunder iowa
THE WHO ;Amazing genius band ,..insane drumming, telling stories; the MASTERS AT WORK !!