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I'm A Slave 4 U with lyrics

Dodano: 2008-10-02

Wyświetleń: 4304020

Czas trwania: 03:33

Opis materiału I'm A Slave 4 U with lyrics

                  *I DO NOT OWN*                


Can anybody explain me?I have a woman(abs & shape) body and a lady voice
Straight Male here to say this song is a straight banger. Cause its Brittney Bitch!
Brittany Perry
I love this song
XxEmmily PlaysxX
So im not the only one who acts slutty when i hear this song? lol
Lethargic Creature
I'm concerned... I've loved this song since I was 9... I'm 13 now lmfao
kayyy marie
Three cheers for Sweet cheese whizz
Let’s be honest we all just clicked on this so we can add it to our playlist without being afraid of someone seeing our phone screen
Taryn Merta
Sakshi Sakshi
Have you heard those moans
Gay Lord
I love britney so much ever since i was a little kid 😆 wherever she is I hope she livin her best life 😢❤