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Michelle Gurevich - First Six Months of Love

Dodano: 2017-02-15

Wyświetleń: 1540008

Czas trwania: 04:40

Opis materiału Michelle Gurevich - First Six Months of Love

                  From the album New Decadence 
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dariel ganes 67 Rodríguez
Spanish subtitules please
Flor Negra
feeling this a lot rn.
Вадим Сергеев
Это не просто песня,это Гимн Любви,практически кончаю,Миша ю ар же бест,душу выдирает
Ümran ABA
She's right
Nguyen Nhi
This song sounds like it comes from an experienced person that have known many loves and watched the things he once thought inexhaustible wither one by one. He knows how critical the beginning is. He knows how easy it is to lose interest, how quickly the spell's broken once the initial sense of freshness has gone. How we struggle to keep up the excitement and the challenge of always renewing ourselves and the things around us. Also it reminds me of a theory that I read somewhere that all of us have a thing like a baseline of happiness( how you generally feel most of the time). Sure we get high sometimes but in the end we all go back to our baseline, which is the point where everything has become a habit and we derive no significant pleasure out of what used to give us so much joy (as when it started). Then we have to create something new again to enjoy until that also fades and we come back to our baseline. The point is that you cannot stay in ecstasy for long. Eventually you'll just go back feeling how you feel most of the time.
wjdan ee
We danced the night we met, now we need dancing lessons..
Ehsan Nishaburi
Leonard Cohen on steroids!
Misha Vigdarov
Amazing song, Michelle. Thank a lot !!
Afitap Cbr
Amazing months 💜
venus danslemirroir
Diosa! ❤️