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Cut-Plumb lyrics

Dodano: 2010-01-03

Wyświetleń: 15669607

Czas trwania: 04:04

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Emeralda Campos
Huh I just realized that I started cutting on 11/10/19 and the last day was 11/11/19 and I already have 9 cuts I don't think I'm going to stop. Well at least not yet. When I do it, it takes some weight off my shoulders.
Nati የጨርቆሱ
The Vampire Diaries season 1 memories 😞
gothic blood
i am self harm when i am so down i have no one i put this song on it dos help me like the rest of the ppl in this world there be sat there with something in there hand just thing your not on your own in this world there ppl out there to help some of you when me i have seen a lot of ppl over the years there is no help for me i just have to put up with that i have to stop one day i wish the ones that are fighting it ever day not to cut if you can go a day or night with out cutting your self you have do good
It’s been eight years. I thought I was strong for so long, but I harmed myself yesterday. And now I feel bad that I did.
Chaotic Pancake
2days clean
Laref Belouka
TVD elena and Stephen 😍😭😭😭
broken inside
One month ago....I told my best friend about the cuts I hid. She was so scared. That moment, I made a promise. No more. I have to protect her and right now I'm the one hurting her. It's so hard. Some days I almost give in. People dig their knives into my heart, trying to break me. But I can't give in. I gave my word that I wouldn't....but I still want to....
Snowflakesnowy133 AJ
3 days clean
Amelie Kipachteruit
Bad feeling to hear your so called “best friend” laugh next to you after you tell her you feel depressed“You’re lying haha, you always act happy, now don’t act sad dumb kid. You just want attention.”