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Patti Smith-"Birdland" from "Horses"

Dodano: 2011-10-27

Wyświetleń: 134542

Czas trwania: 09:16

Opis materiału Patti Smith-"Birdland" from "Horses"

                  Horses is the debut album by American musician Patti Smith, released in 1975 on Arista Records. The record was a key factor and major influence on the New York punk rock scene.

At the time she recorded Horses, Patti Smith and her band were favorites in the New York club scene along with Blondie and The Ramones. The former's influence can be best heard in the track "Gloria", a radical retake on the Them song. "Birdland", in particular, owed more to the jazz which Smith's mother enjoyed than to the influence of punk. When recording this song, which was improvised by the band in Electric Lady Studios, Smith has said she imagined the spirit of Jimi Hendrix watching her. The lyrics of "Birdland" are based upon A Book of Dreams, a 1973 memoir of Wilhelm Reich by his son Peter. Several of the album's songs — "Redondo Beach", "Free Money", "Kimberly" — were inspired by moments with members of Smith's family, while others — "Break It Up", "Elegie" — were written about her idols. "Land" was already a live favorite and featured the first verse of Chris Kenner's "Land of a Thousand Dances" and contains a tribute to her long-time idol Arthur Rimbaud. Guest musicians included Tom Verlaine of Television and Allen Lanier of Blue Öyster Cult.

"Horses" is often cited as one of the greatest albums in music history. In 2003, the album was ranked number 44 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. NME named the album number 1 in its list "20 Near-as-Damn-It Perfect Initial Efforts". According to a list released by Time magazine in 2006, Horses is one of the All-Time 100 Greatest Albums.                


Brian Shutka
I never understood why this song wasn't more popular than it was. Every now and then I come back and listen when I'm super sad.
Melodye Buskin
I just read an article that said this song is about Wilhelm Reich and his son.https://www.popmatters.com/kate-bush-patti-smith-wilhelm-reich-2495378607.html
maxso art
Genuine is a word that doesn't exist in nowadays music. This song alone has more soul than any song of the year. No perfection, no politically correct, just genuine artist here in this perfect poem song.
Dave Cespedes
Love her voice, the lyrics of this song and everything about it. Patti Smith is so fucking underrated.
nothing before, and nothing since had ever sounded like this. you wouldn't get far on x-factor with this. how did we become so shallow and vacuous?
Joshua Stephens
Easily one of the best writers of her generation
i'm 23 and i listened this album for first time on my life on vynil (one of all that my father owns, mostly of jazz music, he had anyway some rock-folk vynils, joni mitchell and neil young particularly) and it's incredible how music of over 40 years ago it's so incredibly timeless...good music will never diei didn't hear nothing of patti smith before...this album is a travel, a trip...i knew john cale anyway, and the music of velvet underground and lou reed, i would read the lyrics, so i can better understand (i live in italy and i've learn more english on songs than on school books...)but she can transmit you emotions, feelings, pictures with her voiceamazing, as said before...this is transcendent
Sultans Of Zing
Found this album in first year of college and I haven't been the same man since.
Joy Ful
His father died and left him a little farm in new england.All the long black funeral cars left the sceneAnd the boy was just standing there aloneLooking at the shiny red tractorHim and his daddy used to sit insideAnd circle the blue fields and grease the night.It was if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars'cause when he looked up they started to slip.Then he put his head in the crux of his armAnd he started to drift, drift to the belly of a ship,Let the ship slide open, and he went inside of itAnd saw his daddy 'hind the control board streamin' beads of light,He saw his daddy 'hind the control board,And he was very different tonight'cause he was not human, he was not human.And then the little boy's face lit up with such naked joyThat the sun burned around his lids and his eyes were like two suns,White lids, white opals, seeing everything just a little bit too clearlyAnd he looked around and there was no black ship in sight,No black funeral cars, nothing except for him the ravenAnd fell on his knees and looked up and cried out,"no, daddy, don't leave me here alone,Take me up, daddy, to the belly of your ship,Let the ship slide open and I'll go inside of itWhere you're not human, you are not human."But nobody heard the boy's cry of alarm.Nobody there 'cept for the birds around the new england farmAnd they gathered in all directions, like roses they scatteredAnd they were like compass grass coming together into the head of a shaman bouquetSlit in his nose and all the others went shootingAnd he saw the lights of traffic beckoning like the hands of blakeGrabbing at his cheeks, taking out his neck,All his limbs, everything was twisted and he said,"i won't give up, won't give up, don't let me give up,I won't give up, come here, let me go up fast,Take me up quick, take me up, up to the belly of a shipAnd the ship slides open and I go inside of it where I am not human."I am helium raven and this movie is mine,So he cried out as he stretched the sky,Pushing it all out like latex cartoon, am I all alone in this generation ?We'll just be dreaming of animation night and dayAnd won't let up, won't let up and I see them coming in,Oh, I couldn't hear them before, but I hear 'em now,It's a radar scope in all silver and all platinum lightsMoving in like black ships, they were moving in, streams of them,And he put up his hands and he said, "it's me, it's me,I'll give you my eyes, take me up, oh now please take me up,I'm helium raven waitin' for you, please take me up,Don't let me here," the son, the sign, the cross,Like the shape of a tortured woman, the true shape of a tortured woman,The mother standing in the doorway letting her sonsNo longer presidents but prophetsThey're all dreaming they're gonna bear the prophet,He's gonna run through the fields dreaming in animationIt's all gonna split his skullIt's gonna come out like a black bouquet shiningLike a fist that's gonna shoot them upLike light, like mohammed boxerTake them up up up up up upOh, let's go up, up, take me up, I'll go up,I'm going up, I'm going upTake me up, I'm going up, I'll go up thereGo up go up go up go up up up up up up upUp, up to the belly of a ship.Let the ship slide open and we'll go inside of itWhere we are not human, we're not human.Well, there was sand, there were tiles,The sun had melted the sand and it coagulatedLike a river of glassWhen it hardened he looked at the surfaceHe saw his faceAnd where there were eyes were just two white opals, two white opals,Where there were eyes there were just two white opalsAnd he looked up and the rays shotAnd he saw raven comin' inAnd he crawled on his back and he went upUp up up up up upSha da do wop, da shaman do way, sha da do wop, da shaman do way,Sha da do wop, da shaman do way, sha da do wop, da shaman do way,Sha da do wop, da shaman do way,We like birdland.
Richard Noble
primal scream immaculate