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Robert Johnson - Cant You Hear The Wind Howl -The Life and Music of Robert Johnson.

Dodano: 2018-10-28

Wyświetleń: 128537

Czas trwania: 01:15:58

Opis materiału Robert Johnson - Cant You Hear The Wind Howl -The Life and Music of Robert Johnson.

Cant You Hear The Wind Howl 
The Life and Music of Robert Johnson.  23 April 1997 (USA)            
An in-depth, award-winning documentary on the life and music of legendary bluesman ROBERT JOHNSON. Mixing rare photographs, exclusive interviews, and dramatic re-creations, director PETER MEYER presents a compelling portrait of this enigmatic figure. Hosted by Danny Glover with Keb' Mo' as Robert Johnson, featuring Johnny Shines, Honeyboy Edwards, John Hammond, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards.

Un documental en profundidad, galardonado, sobre la vida y la música del legendario músico de blues ROBERT JOHNSON. Mezclando fotografías raras, entrevistas exclusivas y recreaciones dramáticas, el director PETER MEYER presenta un retrato convincente de esta enigmática figura. Organizado por Danny Glover con Keb 'Mo' como Robert Johnson, con Johnny Shines, Honeyboy Edwards, John Hammond, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards.

Director: Peter Meyer (as Peter W. Meyer)
Writers: Jean Compton, Peter Meyer (as Peter W. Meyer)                


Dean moes
An outstanding story about an incredible man. The errors in the captions are funny as hell...
Jennings Cunningham
Wow. Just wow.
Robert Caffrey
This is a treasure of a documentary, all the interviews with the people who were friends and associates of Robert Johnson is wonderful. I have always thought that Robert played like a maestro pianist, his rythym, picking, melody and sliding is the work of a complete genius., and then to be able to sing so comfortably on top of all his complex arrangements is breath taking. It's very interesting to note that Robert Johnson sold 5000 copies of his first record, that's very interesting when considering that most of the people who would be interested in his kind of music couldn'r afford a decent pair of shoes let alone a record player. Thanks for loading and sharing.
Jan tAY
I like how the Jr. cleaned up the story you know damn well they didnt say “ young man “ when referring to a black person back in those days .
Tony Tafoya
I will never ever understand what all the hullabaloo about this ebony turd is all about. When I talk about Johnson, or Rasputin, I feel like a have a mouth full of shit, like I may gag to death. FUCK THIS SHIT.
liberal slayer
In 86 or 87, my friend and me went to see the movie Cross roads. Now at that time I was 20 just starting to learn guitar. My friend was 17, and played like no body's business. This is where we were introduced to the delta blues, we got our hands anything blues. We were hooked. Damn good days for sure.
Danielle Chandler
Ive been playing 7 months now. Im happy i found this early. Good taste in music brought me here
Trev Moran
The myth of selling his soul for talent - and this is something that blues guitarists don't like to talk about, is that the man could barely keep a beat and he's far from the skill level of Hendrix or Derek Trucks - the former of which only showed up 30 years later. If anything at all, RJ was good FOR HIS TIME.
KP guitarzan
I can hear Native American Indian in that man
Cody Rivenburg
Robert Johnson is a huge inspiration to me, same with Hendrix, same with Tommy Emmanuel, same with Owen Campbell. They’re all amazing artists who’ve shaped countless lives in music