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Kai Greene: OVERKILL (complete bodybuilding documentary)

Dodano: 2017-01-08

Wyświetleń: 562610

Czas trwania: 01:15:18

Opis materiału Kai Greene: OVERKILL (complete bodybuilding documentary)

                  For the first time on my channel the bodybuilding documentary that many consider my and Kai's finest work.

What does it take to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world? And what happens when you fall short of that goal?

This is the inside story of bodybuilding legend Kai Greene's first attempt to win the Mr. Olympia title.                


Jason Fournier
"Where does this energy come from?"I love Kai but come on fucking steroids.
Gabriel Peraza
A documentary about a bodybuilder in which his body is all covered head to toe 95% of the time...nonsense
Kai is awesome but I wish he took his hoodie off more🤣🤣
Hello Mike, could you tell me some of the dvd, reading or audio of the positive affirmation kai was using during the time of this was made please.
It's funny they talk about everything what a great athlete he is no doubt bodybuilding is hard sport you got to lift heavy to become big but not once did he mention how much illegal anabolic steroids does he have to use to become that enormously big let alone how much money per month does he have to spend to obtain it
Rostant Anthony
Kai is a savant of bodybuilding and you my friend Mike are amazing for your commentating and recording the journey! I love all your docs on Kai's training!
Kai Greenes a fucking joke, he's mentally ill and slow and obnoxious because of his disorder. Fuck this loser he never was a good bodybuilder and cpuldnt win any shows
Felix Chien
All that weight is too much on the CNS. Not sure if that's the best approach to being weeks out of mr olympia. also too risky for injuries.
Sound Gardener
Narcissistic Fortress.
As I said, the way you portray and capture the heart of bodybuilding and athletes like Kai is marvelous and unique, your commentary and music really adds up to it, and you give a unique insight in the sport and minds, superb work!