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Judas Priest ‎- Turbo (1986) Full Album

Dodano: 2017-12-17

Wyświetleń: 156203

Czas trwania: 41:10

Opis materiału Judas Priest ‎- Turbo (1986) Full Album

                  01. Turbo Lover 5:33
02. Locked In 4:19
03. Private Property 4:29
04. Parental Guidance 3:25
05. Rock You All Around The World 3:37
06. Out In The Cold 6:27
07. Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days 4:39
08. Hot For Love 4:12
09. Reckless                


Andreas Mercado
TURBO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Dennis
what did you record that with, a cb radio? awful
Mario P. Hermann
does anyone know what the difference is between' Locked In' and 'Locked In Extended' version?? I cant tell...
Janne Mäki-Heikkilä
Did you record this with a microphone?
keith parkhill
This remaster is horrendous.
Mattias Petersson
Terrible sound :/
Mark Wigler
Is this sped up? Sounds killer turbo!
Dylan Grant
I saw this concert with Jon and John has any one seen them!? Or knows them!? Dawn and Barbara! Too!!! Old friends from Long Island,New York! Fire Island,New York!
Mr. Giraffe
I gave it a thumbs down merely for the use of guitar synthesizers. I love the songs, but the production and mix suck balls. No pun intended. However, this tour was the first time I was blessed to see the mighty Priest live!!!! And I had front row center seats. I was 16. Dokken opened for them and yes, I was and am a Dokken fan to this day. It was one of greatest concerts I've ever seen. Second to the Painkiller tour. Hahah! Ram it Down made up this one.