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Opis materiału [HD 1080p] Descendants Of The Sun (태양의 후예/太陽的後裔) Full Original Sound Track (OST) Vol. 2 with Lyrics

                  [Link to Vol. 1 with Lyrics: ?]
[DO NOT RE-UPLOAD, or take out this video without permission from the owner. I don't own the song, but I spent time (2 days in fact) making this entire video. Be unique and create your own lyric video if you want!]

List of Songs:
1. 00:00 Talk Love (말해! 뭐해?) - K.Will (케이윌)
2. 03:38 With You - LYn (린)
3. 07:54 By My Side (사랑하자) - SG Wannabe (SG 워너비)
4. 11:41 Wind Beneath Your Wings (그대, 바람이 되어) - M.C the MAX (엠씨 더 맥스)
5. 15:39 How Can I Love You - XIA (준수)
6. 20:00 No More War - Various Artists
7. 23:54 Always I Love You - Various Artists
8. 26:37 Fighter - Various Artists
9. 29:09 Mission2 Epic Tension - Various Artists
10. 33:54 Lonely Road - Various Artists
11. 38:12 Vital Fantasy - Various Artists
12. 41:13 Love You 2 - Various Artists
13. 44:12 Don't Forget Me - Various Artists
14. 47:42 Time Is Running Out (Ver. 2) - Various Artists
15. 51:23 Attention (Mission ver.) - Various Artists
16. 54:49 Move Forward - Various Artists
17. 58:30 Freedom - Various Artists
18. 1:01:11 Attention O.R.I - Various Artists

Q: What is your favourite song from this OST album (excluding the first 5 songs)?
A: Honestly, there are a lot of great songs that I cannot choose from. But, the songs that stand out for me would be track no. 6, No More War. I've always thought that inspirational and motivating songs are the best, especially when I study. It sounds weird but I do play these type of music when I do homework, etc. Therefore, I love this song (:

Q: Why did you re-upload this video for so many times?
A: I've uploaded this final video for 5 times altogether. For the 1st time, someone commented that there was no audio after the 4th song and after checking, it was my encoding software which had a problem so I have to take down the video. Subsequently until the 4th time, I realized that there was a mistake at the end and redid the entire video because it was a GRAVE error. For this final one, this is the current video that you see so I'm hoping there will not be any problems arising again or else I won't re-upload again. A total of more than 5 hours is wasted re-encoding, so PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THIS PIECE OF HARD WORK.

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Sarah Low
Hello everyone, the first thing I want to say is: thank you everyone for your utmost support! My Vol. 1 video has reached 165,000 views and still counting, so I really want to give my sincere thanks because every view matters a lot to me and I definitely appreciate it!So, as a birthday gift and seeing the support given by everyone, I rushed through making this video but also as accurately as possible. This is to thank all of you, all of you deserve this! I really love these two OST albums a lot, do you feel me? Haha xD.So this is the Vol. 2 video, the one you've been waiting for! Hope everyone likes it and enjoy this video because this is a gift from me to you. Thank you! <3- Sarah Low Kai Xin
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Thank you for sharing the songs and the video. I was able to relive once again the story of "Descendants of the Sun"...
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Thank you Sarah. Fighting.
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