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The Bounty Love Story, Brando and Tarita 1962 Bronislaw Kaper

Dodano: 2011-12-23

Wyświetleń: 108203

Czas trwania: 05:25

Opis materiału The Bounty Love Story, Brando and Tarita 1962 Bronislaw Kaper

                  During the filming of The Mutiny On The Bounty in 1962, Marlon Brando fell in love and married his beautiful leading lady Tarita... and who could blame him.                


Cokky Verkade Hartwig
Georges J.
This jerk was horribly cruel with Tarita and her polynesian children, especially Cheyenne...
Ylan_ San
On l'apprend en musique
Joanie Adams
This was the masterpiece for sure on every level and in particular, it seems to me that Fletcher and Mai Miti were reincarnated in Brando and Tarita. It was just too coincidental. My father was friends with the Big Bend theatre manager in Clayton Mo. He would let my father and I sneak in for free. We got to see the great MGM block busters and I will never forget as a young girl how much this movie impressed me.thanks for posting.
Ancient Appalachian
A wonderful film, and one of Brando's best roles. I think it was very brave of him to try a period piece, and to play a privileged British naval officer.Tarita was splendid, genuine and simply beautiful.
Johanna Amable
Its a Wonderful Movie from a true Fabulous Love 'story. And Marlon Brando, finaly did the same thing than Captain Fletcher like in The true story. Falling In Love as well Of the beautiful tahitian girl. Its a Movie for great romantic people ( like me), 🙂who Still believes in Love 🌺🌹
fabien dyleinski
la classe l evasion l amour la liberté
Arnold Stollar
I fell in love with the ocean tropics and with boats because of this movie.
puritan 75
This song gives me goosebumps. I love it! As someone commenting here or elsewhere said, it's like a siren's song. Having said that, my personal favorite movie version of the story is the 1984 version with Gibson & Hopkins. I thought the acting & portrayal of Christian & Bligh in the '62 version was over-the-top melodramatic to the point of being kind of silly, like a cartoon caricature. The real Fletcher Christian was not a rich, aristocratic, pompous, pretentious, snappy-dressed poser the way Brando portrayed him. Instead the real Fletcher Christian was very much a grounded, humble, working class guy. And the real William Bligh was a disciplined seaman and capable leader, but yes, also a disciplinarian. He could be strict and tough when he needed to be, but there's no record, no evidence unlike what Brando's Christian said to him, that Bligh ever took pleasure in being cruel. I think Gibson & Hopkins portrayal was dialed back to a more accurate level and does both of them justice. What I do love about the 1962 version though is the music, and of course Tarita. The Tahitian/Maohi girl from The Bounty was pretty, but not like Tarita who was simply stunning! I feel sorry for Tarita, she was a beautiful & elegant lady who deserved a better husband then Brando who cheated on her and made her life miserable. I HOPE that she later remarried, especially after his death and has since found happiness.