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Arcee Tribute

Dodano: 2016-01-11

Wyświetleń: 36633

Czas trwania: 03:38

Opis materiału Arcee Tribute

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Charity Seedorf
I ship her with bumble bee.
Фёдор Масленников
2:20 это немезис арси???
Brandon Chatterton
It's funny to think that in one version of arcee 's origin, she was the result of shockwave committing a forced sex change in an attempt to bring gender diamorphism onto cybertron
David Siraze
Magnific song for her, Bravo!!! "curiosity, why Overlord or Tarn never was send to kill her, I thought they were their number one soldier to do the hard job, and she is an example in the IDW version"
3:05 is actually kinda creepy ._.
Tamara Higuera
Arcee is so cool and strong❤❤❤❤
Lord Starscream
And really arced ain't that strong
Lord Starscream
oh wait no bonecrusher kills her and then crankcase and the other scavengers scavenge her parts
Lord Starscream
yeah forget the movie arcee she's kinda dead
Lord Starscream
and then the stunticons and the other gestalts appear and then overlord and then bang bang dead