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Spanish Flamenco Guitar Romantic Instrumental Relaxing Chill out

Dodano: 2016-03-11

Wyświetleń: 1817671

Czas trwania: 02:59:04

Opis materiału Spanish Flamenco Guitar Romantic Instrumental Relaxing Chill out

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Earl Powell
Christmas carols? Christmas carols??? CHRISTMAS CAROLS?????
Kevin Le
So I tried finding the names of every song:- 0:00 "Rouge & Noir" by G. No- 2:45 Shazam is telling me: "Ritmo Acelerado (Flow Marc Marquez)" by Agape & Materia Rima. Tried repeating, but same result.- 5:01 Sounds very similar to "Rasgueo Bima" by Woomera- 7:17 N/A- 9:29 "Appreciative" by Bezz Believe- 11:30 N/A- 13:32 N/A- 15:31 N/A- 17:30 "Libertad" by Fmoh- 19:28 N/A- 21:25 N/A- 23:18 "Sonata No. 2 In G Minor Op. 151 'Eroica': III. Verdun" by Charles Harrison- 25:06 N/A- 26:56 N/A- 28:37 "Que Pasa Corazon" by Rune Dale- 30:09 "Barcelona" by Rune Dale- 31:40 Shazam came up with: "Hommage A J.S. Bach" by Collegium Musicum, so this song possibly MAYBE from Bach- 33:57 to 36:06 "One On One in Madrid" by Trabant 33- 36:07 "When Two Become One" by Lennon Hutton- 38:17 "Red Dresses" by Trabant 33- 40:24 N/A- 42:24 N/A- 43:56 A repeat of a previous song- 45:29 A repeat of previous song- 46:59 to 48:52 N/A- 48:56 N/A- 50:51 very similar to one of the previous songs (the 4th one) at the beginning, possibly a similar artist- 52:44 N/A- 54:36 N/A- 57:28 N/A, but really sad ;-; (way to end on a high note)- 59:41 this repeats the whole playlist aboveFormat copied from Eren ReinaPlease comment if you can identify any songs / any incorrect songs (and comment the correct one, please. Just telling me something is wrong doesn't fix it, I have to know the correct song title)I know obviously some are wrong, but it was the closest I could find.
My favorite 02:08:50 ❤️
battery kong
muzik orcestra background ost flm perang epic war tak de ke alamak
Carina Sanchez
Great music even though I have family over and we are fluent in Spanish and this music has been amazing to me and my family. We really appreciate it. Some of my family is coming over here and I hope this goes on until they come over and eat veggieterian hamburgers thank you for posting this on YouTube 💖💖💖💖💕💕💗💗💕💕
31:47 sounds so familiar, does anyone know the name??
Farts are just boneless poop. Black science man
илья рокстади
Музыка гово
Pineapple Coconut
Rohan Macnaughton