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jennifer lopez - feel the light lyrics (full song)

Dodano: 2015-02-28

Wyświetleń: 4195556

Czas trwania: 03:38

Opis materiału jennifer lopez - feel the light lyrics (full song)



Leilani Star
Home is really an amazing movie
Jessica Haas
a few mistakes in the words on the screen than what Jenifer Lopez said, but otherwise a great song for families and children of the world to hear. I'd say great job
kook jimin and jin
Did anyone else cry when this song was playing in home? Or was it just me😔
Louise Ethier
I love You song🤗😍😚🙃🎶🎵
T Walker
So I sing like this ‘ sing it Loud” to my favorite friend sister
Mạnh Nguyễn
I really like this post and I cried while watching this movie
my grandmother died last August 1 2018 9am at our house plus it was our PRE-PTC in my school when i heard the news i cried so long but my mom said its ok because now she is with Jesus and God when i hear this song i cry and now she can watch me sing in DREAMPLAY SING-OFF. .............. i am also gonna sing this in the grand finals i hope i win the 50,000 pesos and 1st place actually i live in the philippines
Kimberly De La Zerda
So sad!
آلفتآة آلمجنونة
Jorhix Aiven