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Schleierwolken - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix)

Dodano: 2015-06-02

Wyświetleń: 545118

Czas trwania: 07:13

Opis materiału Schleierwolken - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix)

                  Schleierwolken - Boris Brejcha (Original Mix)
After reaching 500.000 followers on Facebook, I like to thank you for your strong support over all the years. And there is no better way to show you my gratitude with a smooth, little summer track I did a few weeks ago. Have fun and enjoy the coming summer.

WAV quality and "Radio Edit" here:



The TechnoMAN
i dunno why but this song just left me speechless.... love techno, thanks boris
daniel bravo
Fucking serious !!! Brejcha the best
károly Tenkei
Yes... Thank you so much, it's realy melodic... Euphoric.. Boris Brejcha you are the genius!!!
Dyse Byse
Ничтяк!!!Боря Лев
mde E
Boris <3 from Hungary
raul Essaheb
Boris brejcha es mejor dj 🤙
Кирилл Кузьмицкий
Letizia Oregioni
Ich liebe dich🔥
Александр Охлестин
Andrea Izaguirre
eres grande my bro - !! Desde Honduras - Cofradia.2019 !!