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Pointer Sisters - Jump

Dodano: 2014-01-19

Wyświetleń: 811438

Czas trwania: 04:26

Opis materiału Pointer Sisters - Jump

                  Mi homenaje a Pointer Sisters y a Travis Pastrana: Jump!


Darling Jo
The sad part was the main sister was on drugs heroin who you see singing is when she got cleaned and then after that she want my back to doing what she was doing that was the whole situation about the sisters it's a very sad story
LickHerLow Scorpio
Man, the music + footage from 2:40 to 3:00 takes me to a place words can't describe. Amazing!!!
Christine Hicks
I play this every morning to dance around and get ready for the day
Michael Wallace
Awesome video! The Pointer Sisters, Jump! and incredible recordings of humans willing to hurl themselves far into empty space!
Beautifully made video, thank you!
Phil Goecke
This just radiates positive energy! Love it! ❤️
Victoria Burns
Pointer sisters going to be in my city tomorrow night giving a free concert cant wait I'm going
Bruce Waters
I Will allways miss June
RocknKittie Dance Show
This is the hit music here !!! Love the 80s and the pointer sisters
Jason Mault
2:48 is a spectacular scene and blends perfectly with the instrumental section of the song.