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WAGNER Control Pro 250 M & 350 M - Product Guidance (english)

Dodano: 2017-09-15

Wyświetleń: 87253

Czas trwania: 09:21

Opis materiału WAGNER Control Pro 250 M & 350 M - Product Guidance (english)

                  Control Pro represents a new generation of revolutionary airless paint sprayers based on a completely new technology — High Efficiency Airless, or HEA. This includes innovative nozzle technology combined with a highly efficient but pressure-reduced pump.

Start up: 2:46
Cleaning: 6:14
Accessories: 7:25
Tips & Tricks:  7:45

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curly 123
Help please. What is the best cleaning liquid for cleaning after you have finished painting?
Mulla Jahangir Ahmed
It can awaylable in INDIA Hyderabad and price.
Barry Oneill
Can any body tell me if I can attach the Greco Jet Roller to this sprayer,?Thanks.
Pickle Rick
Can this little sprayer spray Lacquer? I know they say the graco X7 or LTS17,19,X5, ect cant do it.
@wagner: is Control Pro 250 compatible with alkyd based paints? These types of paints can be diluted with ether-ester thinners, turpentine thinners, etc. Is the machine compatible with these thinners? Can the machine be cleaned with ether-ester thinners after using alkyd based paints (i can only assume that these are oil based paints)?
john Elliott
Hi, what is the difference between the 250M and 350M and the 250R and 350R as I am planing to get one and would like to know if there is a marginal difference between the AIR LESS High Efficiency machines Thanks John
art Aziz
Is it suitable to spray putty ?? 😞😞
asad shah
@wagner I've got a control pro 350 extra can you tell me :1. what colour filter do I need to use for Leyland Super Leytex high opacity matt emulsion? 2. if i need to dilute the paint?3. what tip will be best?4. what number should the pressure regulator be set at?Kind regards
hi.Can you please tell me if i can spray putty or filler with control pro 350 or project pro 119.thanks
can i use the 250M model to spray undiluted DULUX & LEYLAND (or similar) emulsion paint on interior walls & ceilings here in the uk???which tip & filter should i use for emulsion paint???